Asset Discovery

Are you trying to collect a judgment but you don’t know what they have to take or are they trying to hide their assets from a divorce settlement?

Our asset searches will get you the information you need to turn that judgment into cash.
If you have a civil judgment from a lawsuit or are thinking about filing a civil lawsuit but are unsure if the defendant is collectible, All Tech Investigations is here to help you find assets, even hidden assets including property, vehicles, employment, bank accounts, business ownership and more, and give you the information needed to collect on that judgment.

Who hires us?…
…collection agencies, debt collectors, asset recovery specialists, attorneys and individuals looking to collect judgments against individuals and businesses.  Our clients cannot afford to purchase outdated or inaccurate information when trying to locate assets and collect judgments.

Assets can be held in many different ways making even the average asset search a complicated process. Frequently when someone is actively hiding their assets to avoid the reach of a debtor, ex-wife or the like, they utilize things like shell corporations, relative and trusts to hold legal ownership of the assets. These efforts accomplish their task and make finding any assets considerably more difficult.  Effectively, a search for one individual’s assets leads to searching for assets held in many places.  With any investigation, the more places we have to search, the greater the cost.

Some of the commonly encountered assets that we are able to search for include:

● Residence History Search
● Area Demographics
● Aliases / DOB and Other Names Used
● Federal Litigation Search
● Motor Vehicle Ownership
● Watercraft Ownership
● Aircraft Ownership Search
● Real Property Ownership Search
● Corporation Ownership Search
● Judgment and Lien Search
● DBA and Assumed Name Search
● Bankruptcy Search
● Criminal History Search
● Incarceration History Search
● Employment Search
● UCC Filings
● Litigation Search in the most relevant County or Circuit Court
● Litigation Search in the most relevant Municipal Court
● US Dept of Corrections Search
● Professional Licenses Search
● Internet Domain Ownership Search

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