Child Custody

We understand how much your child(ren) mean to you. There is nothing more important than securing their safety and ensuring they receive the financial support, proper care and loving attention they deserve.

Often in child custody and divorce matters, the one who hires a private investigator is the one who wins. The information you compile today could be the deciding factor in your case and in the quality and safety of your child’s life. Unfortunately, once the court’s decisions are made, the opportunity could be gone for years if not forever.

Equally, if you suspect your child is a victim of abuse or neglect, there is no time to wait. You need convincing evidence to mobilize law enforcement to intervene expeditiously your child’s behalf. Every moment of abuse can feel like a lifetime and a lifetime is how long it can take to heal if allowed to continue.

Child Custody and Visitation Investigations
Nothing could be more devastating than the thought of losing your child in a custody battle. Ideally, children would be blessed with two loving parents who provide safe, healthy, loving and stable homes, but this is not always the case. Under these circumstances, the child or children should remain in the custody of the more qualified parent.

If the parents are unable to reach an agreement as to whom that is, the court will decide custody matters based on what is in the “best interest” of the child. However, with divorce proceedings on the rise, millions of children are trapped in legal battles that the court system is ill-equipped to handle. As a result, children are being subjected to visitation or habitation with unfit parents at an equally alarming rate.

Child custody/visitation investigations are undertaken to determine if the “other” parent is treating your child properly, ensuring their safety and protecting them from improper or dangerous environments or situations. In other words, are they fit and qualified for custody or visitation.

There are many factors the court will consider when making custodial decisions, they include:
● Stability, health, lifestyle and schedules
● Criminal records and/or activity
● Evidence of child abuse or neglect
● Unfounded accusations of abuse or neglect by one parent about the other
● History or complaints of violence against a parent
● Evidence of alcohol or drug abuse
● Parenting skills
● Means to provide food, shelter, and education for the child
● Home environment
● Morality of the parents
● Emotional and physical health
● Parents willingness to support the child’s relationship with the other parent
● Abduction or abandonment of the child or other defiance of legal process
● Care and affection shown to the child
● Financial standing
● Parents past and current conduct
● Acceptability of parents associates

Often times, an unfit parent will present themselves as a competent person when appearing before the court, cleverly concealing their unsuitable lifestyle. Typically under these circumstances, parental testimony is not enough to ensure the placement of your child in your custody.
In a custody battle, it is your responsibility to provide proof of your allegations. For this reason, a qualified investigator can be essential. A licensed private investigator’s findings, objective courtroom testimony and video documentation will always have more credence in court than a parent’s accusations.

We Can Help You Protect Your Child
All Tech Investigations can discover and document undesirable behavior like reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, drugs, gambling, physical abuse, neglect, parental alienation, or other conduct that may affect a child’s welfare.

Unfortunately, parents may fight for the custody of their child simply to hurt the other parent. In many cases, the parent seeking full custody doesn’t have the time or the desire to take care of the child full time. A Child Custody Investigation can document the lack of time being spent with the child and that evidence can be presented in court to prove your case.

Child Support Enforcement
Collecting money from delinquent parents can be exhausting, emotional, and in some circumstances dangerous. All Tech Investigations investigator can gather the evidence the court needs to force payment.

When the Courts Fail, We can help
Those who depend on the government alone for collection assistance, oftentimes, wait years to see progress on their case. Government agencies are overworked, understaffed and under trained. Frighteningly, the government fails to collect an astounding $106 BILLION (2006) annually in past due child support.

An All Tech Investigations investigator is infinitely better equipped than the government to gather the evidence needed build a case and compel immediate collection of support payments. Our investigator can help locate these absentee parents, find out where and how they live, if and where they work and determine what, if any, assets they may have.

Child Abuse Surveillance, Child Neglect Surveillance and Child Molestation Surveillance
Child abuse is an insidious crime. The abuse can be physical, sexual, economic, emotional, or mental.
Child Protection Agencies (CPS) are mandated to investigate all legitimate allegations of child abuse, neglect, or dependency, but their resources and investigative techniques are limited, and due to the unfortunate proliferation of these cases, their staffs are often inundated and overwhelmed.

Determinations of “No findings of abuse” can be common where abuse most definitely exists.
Often times, the burden of proof falls on the shoulders of the distraught parent. We can help. Surveillance is an effective technique to gather evidence of your child’s living conditions and treatment and record any inappropriate interactions between your child and the suspected perpetrator.
Our investigators are confidential and discreet. We must catch the perpetrator in the act before they become suspicious and attempt to hide or modify their behavior making the abuse harder to detect or prove.

Taking the word of your child is not enough. Often times, perpetrators of abuse and sexual predators will use threats to ensure vehement denials. It is far more important to give credence to the behavior of your child and the behavior and actions of those around them then to their words.

Negative behaviors associated with child abusers:
● Intimidation using size, authority
● Instilling fear through menacing looks and property destruction
● Screaming
● Displays of Violence against others, pets
● Threatening Punishment by God, Police, Foster home
● Threats of abandonment, physical harm or confinement
● Brain washing and manipulation
● Emotional Abuse
● Name calling
● Shaming
● Inconsistent parenting
● Economic Abuse
● Withholding money or basic needs to control behavior
● Withholding child support
● Treating child as a servant
● Isolation from friends, siblings, grandparents
● Bossing or constantly interrupting
● Sexual inappropriateness

Abuse or Neglect
Sadly, a child is most likely to be abused or neglected by the people closest to them, including parents. Like in any case of mistreatment, the sooner you can eradicate the behavior, the sooner the healing can begin. Equally, the longer the duration of the abuse, the greater the long term damage. All suspicions of abuse need to be investigated and swift action needs to be taken to protect your child.

Signs of Abuse: If your child…
● Shows sudden changes in behavior
● Begins to under-perform at School
● Becomes unusually pessimistic
● Has unexplained burns, bites, bruises, broken bones, or black eyes
● Has faded bruises or other marks
● Protests or cries when it is time to be alone with certain people
● Shrinks in the presence of adults; or is overly obedient
● Cowers at sudden movements or loud noises
● Signs of Neglect: If your child…
● Begs for food or money
● Steals necessities
● Appears hungry or malnourished
● Is in need of medical or dental care
● Is repeated unwashed and has body odor
● Is improperly dressed for the weather

False Allegations of Abuse
Making an accusation of child abuse has been described as the “perfect weapon” in family court.
Child custody cases are often muddied up with accusations leveled by one party against another. Allegations can be made maliciously to punish and gain leverage over the other parent or to limit access to their child out of a genuine concern for their welfare.

Many parents begin throwing false accusations around the courtroom simply in order to win their case. These false allegations have lead to gross miscarriages of justice, convicted innocent people, destroyed families and ruined childhoods.

An All Tech Investigations investigator can help gather evidence of proper conduct to refute the allegations. We want to help you make sure you have adequate time with your child and we will work with you to document your true relationship with your child both in action and emotion.

Although the burden of proof should fall on the shoulders of the accusers, we can take some of the weight of this daunting task that lies ahead.

Our consultations are confidential and free. Please contact us today to discuss your case.

Cohabitation Investigations
Proof of cohabitation is usually needed in family court to assist in child custody matters, compensation claims for child support, spousal maintenance, alimony matters, and other disputes.

Our investigators can reveal the periods of time that people are living together, the intensity of the relationship, and other valuable unknown facts.

All of our evidence is court admissible. You will be given a detailed, easy to understand Investigation Report, all photo or video evidence collected and our professional investigators can supply testimony, if needed.

We work with mothers, fathers, spouses, attorneys, courts, mediators and arbitrators.

Hidden “Nanny Cams,” Nanny Screening and Caregiver Background Check
Before you trust them with your children, trust us to get the information you need.  We are all too familiar with the video footage of concerned parents who place hidden cameras in their home to view how the Nanny they hired is caring for their children. The images of helpless babies being violently shaken or of toddlers being slapped and berated are indelibly etched in our minds.  Prevent abuse before it starts.

Although we think Nanny cams are wonderful monitoring tools, just one violent incident could cause irreparable damage or even death. Doesn’t it make sense to know everything you could about this person before they enter your home?

Contact us today to initiate a background investigation on your prospective caretaker.

A frightening number of resumes and employment applications contain falsified information.

An All Tech Investigation investigator can verify their Social Security Number, check their driving record and search criminal & civil court records.  We can uncover a history of fraud, violence, reckless driving, frivolous lawsuits and other criminal behavior.

The agency that employs your Nanny can also be investigated and their credentials checked. If desired, we can even help you with setting up “Nanny Cams” in hidden places in your home.  Make an informed decision about the person you are entrusting with the safety and well-being of your loved ones.

We Can Help You Help Your Child.

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