Financial Loss / Fraud

Manipulation and misappropriations of funds, fraud, outright theft and a number of other white-collar crimes are a growing factor in the business world.  In fact, in many areas, white-collar crime is the most prevalent of all serious offenses.

All Tech Investigations provides services in all phases of financial investigations, including fund tracing and asset recovery, violation of fiduciary duties, bankruptcy and insolvency fraud, bribery and kickbacks, insurance-related investigations, damage assessment, complete business valuations and “money-laundering” systems throughout the world.

Since financial scenarios vary everywhere, our own knowledge and experience is enhanced by reputable foreign and domestic law enforcement and financial contacts.

What is a Financial Investigation?
Financial investigations are usually very document-intensive.  Specifically, they involve records, such as bank account information, real estate files, motor vehicle records, etc., which point to the movement of money.  Any record that pertains to or shows the paper trail of events involving money is important.  The major goal in a financial investigation is to identify and document the movement of money.  The link between where the money comes from, who gets it, when it is received and where it is stored or deposited, can provide proof of criminal activity.

Tax evasion, public corruption, health care fraud, telemarketing fraud and terrorist financing are just a few of the types of crimes that revolve around money.  In these cases, a financial investigation often becomes the key to a conviction.  Traditional law enforcement relies on investigative tools such as crime scene analysis, physical evidence, fingerprint identification or eyewitness accounts.  The limitations of these techniques become obvious to those who are trying to prove wrongdoing in a sophisticated financial crime. With no proof, there is no conviction.

If you or your business need answers to financial questions, or resolution to financial issues or disagreements, All Tech Investigations is the company you can count on.

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