Oil & Gas / Landman Services

We provide a full range of professional Land Services, also known as Landman Services, to oil and gas companies, attorneys, Trusts, Estates, families and individual surface, mineral, royalty and working interest owners.

We take advantage of all the latest industry-specific technologies and on-line resources available today.

Not only does this give us the ability to deliver a better product, but it also reduces turnaround time and costs (i.e. mileage, lodging, per diem and other on-site expenses).  In addition, we are a licensed private investigations company, with access to some of the most advanced on-line databases, which are only accessible to licensed private investigators, law enforcement officials and the like.  Please note some of the state of the art on-line databases we use are not accessible to most land service companies, nor to independent landmen.  These powerful electronic databases give us instant access to millions of records of pertinent data on individuals, corporations and other business entities, non-profits, institutions, et cetera.  This allows us the ability to identify and locate unknown owners and/or find missing owners quickly, which can make a huge difference in highly competitive plays.

Oil & Gas Services

  • Title Research (Surface, Mineral, Leasehold, Etc.)
  • Create Drill Site Title Runsheets from Sovereignty
  • Produce Ownership Reports (Surface, Mineral, and Leasehold)
  • Title Curative
  • Identify and Find Unknown Heirs (Heirship Research)
  • Locate Missing Owners
  • Testifying on Lease Receiverships
  • Lease Negotiation and Acquisition
  • Lease Checks
  • Drilling and Production Research
  • On-Site Visual Inspections
  • Scouting
  • Due Diligence
  • Quality Control
  • Project Management
  • Texas Railroad Commission Research
  • General Land Office Research
  • Computerized Platting
  • Asset Management
  • Minerals Management

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