What is surveillance?  Surveillance is the monitoring of behavior of people, objects or processes.
Surveillance is normally conducted with electrical equipment, camera’s and video systems.  Surveillance normally is obtained in order to discover facts and the truth to present to someone, law officials or court to prove ones case.

Some surveillance situations include:

  • A suspected cheating wife or husband
  • A suspected cheating partner
  • Marriage disputes or settlements
  • Custody/child maintenance issues
  • Custody/child maintenance issues
  • Concerns for a child, teenager or loved one
  • Harassment and stalking issues
  • Suspected drug activities or other illegal activities

All Tech Investigations understands your situation and offers the utmost discretion and privacy while delivering the desired results.  Most of our work is for ordinary people who have encountered a problem in their lives and are seeking answers.

Discretion is most often the primary requirement.  Our investigators have training and experience.  Surveillance requires tactics tailored to each situation.   Let us give you the answers you are entitled to know, if you have any doubts about a spouse or friend’s daily activities.  All Tech Investigations will provide you with clear, concise written reports, along with photo and/or video documentation.

Due to the various types of situations surrounding surveillance, we will need a detailed consultation (free) prior to accepting the assignment.

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